Dear Parents,

Thank you for taking time to visit our web site.  The goal of Boy Scouting is to develop character, citizenship and fitness.  The Boy Scout program provides your son with the opportunity to learn tools to survive in the real world.  Among the number of skills he will learn are: first aid, camping, wilderness survival, cooking, and leadership.

Over the number of years I have been involved as an adult leader in Scouting, I have learned that in order for a boy to advance and succeed, he needs the support of his family.  In general the boys that advance and reach their goals in Scouting, are the ones whose parents become involved in the program. That is why we encourage parental involvement. This is an investment of your time that you will be reimbursed for 10 fold, as you enjoy the pride and satisfaction of all his future successes.

Our Troop is very active.  We have been rock climbing, horseback riding, canoeing, camping and skiing. We try to offer a variety of activities so that there is something for everyone.  The activities are picked by the boys with guidance from the leaders.  We have 3 major fundraisers every year 2 of these help the troop and one helps Rainbow Council.

Yours in Scouting,

Sam Bylon


Boy Scout Troop 175 is part of the Waapi Lenaswa district of Rainbow Council located in Morris, Illinois and was first chartered on March 15, 1994.

Our Troop is a boy led troop under the supervision of many adult leaders, each with unique life experiences to help guide the boys to be the best citizens they can be.  Outside of being trained Boy Scout leaders, our adult volunteers work in many different professional & medical fields, various trades as well as education.

If you would like to learn more about Troop 175, please feel free to stop in to any of our weekly troop meeting listed at the bottom of each page on this website.  We typically meet every Wednesday at 7:00pm at the Moose Family Center.  See the map below for a visual aid of where we are located..

You can also email our Troop leadership for more information at
Scouts BSA Troop 175
c/o Joliet Moose Lodge #300
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Joliet, IL  60435-6505
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